Studio Plan, Age Is Irrelevant,Yoga Keeps You Young, Cashew Milk, Chakras and Meridians


I figured it out. The it being my constant rearrangement, tweaking if you will, of my art studio. It’s because I like to work standing up. I stand to draw, to paint, to sew, quilt, and embellish. I like standing. Here’s the thing…I gave my two big drawing tables, which are tall, to my quilting and sewing station as this year I’m concentrating more on the art quilts and will need more space for machine quilting. Leaving only short long tables for working up the art and that makes me hunch over. I could work on the tall tables when not quilting but that just doesn’t feel right so now I have it.

After breakfast I will fix it because I have a plan! I’m getting out my big sturdy easel I usually set up outdoors for en plein air painting. I will set it up by my front windows which I haven’t done before and move my zine making station to the bay window area. I can’t hardly wait. I may even create a meditation area again.

Breakfast is around 8:30ish so soon, soon I’ll be able to start unless I start any minute now and finish after breakfast…

Do you think I’m too hyper? Sometimes I do think that. I’m no spring chicken as Sparky likes to remind me and I usually respond with an evil glare because in my spirit I’m so young. My body feels young.

Yoga keeps me flexible with a healthy spine and good posture and hey, I can put my feet behind my head.

I’m about to have another birthday but ever since I turned 10 and was really depressed becoming double digits it’s all been downhill, I don’t even care. Not even when I turned 40 a long long long time ago. Maybe I should take one of those longs out but I earned them man.

The thing that did bother me was when I was approaching 40 a commercial came out that said around 40 your metabolism slows down. I don’t usually pay any attention to commercials like that because I know they are just fear mongering trying to scare us into what they’re selling but that one really pissed me off and I was like, oh hell no, my metabolism is fine and its staying fine. I eat healthy foods and practice yoga (back then only once a day but now, as in the past three years, I’ve been practicing twice a day with a sunrise practice and a sunset practice). So they can take the fear mongering negativity commercial and shove it since I’m way pass 40 and me and metabolism are in synch. A body in motion stays in motion lol.

It’s not the coffee either. On days I don’t have my coffee quota I’m still like this, a little hyped up. I don’t know man, go figure. There are times when I’m just quiet though. Far and few between but it does happen especially when I’m drawing a mandala.

Oh my gosh, the other day, I was in the process of making lunch…here’s the scene….open fridge door since the produce drawer was open and couldn’t shut, two cabinet doors open, the microwave door was open, the pantry doors were open and on the island were piles of ingredients I needed to make lunch. Granted when I cook it’s like a short order diner lol. It all comes together in the end and the dishes are always washed up as I go so clean up at the end is faster too. This happens every time. I’m trying to get everything I need out of the refrigerator at once though so I don’t leave the door open any more.

I bought cashew milk Sunday while we were on a three hour road trip so my milk was in the truck the whole time. I hope its good to drink. I guess it would be, it is cashew milk after all.

I need some wooden beads. I want to make some chakra bracelets. I’m not going to start making jewelry though. Just chakra stuff as keeping your chakras balanced is so important as are the meridians. I think I should incorporate a little tai chi into my daily practice….

Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry I kept you so long my friend! I’ll let you get back to your life but I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art 😀


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