Like a lot of people I am constant search of clarity. If I were to take out a personals ad it would state….free-spirited boho hippie artist iso clarity for daily direction and achieving dreams. I enjoy long walks in the woods, getting messy with art and practicing yoga. My drug of choice is caffeine, ie coffee.

I think that’s why I rearrange my studio so much. I suppose I think if I move things around enough I’ll eventually get it where everything shifts into place and the art flows, the computer is accessible and the money pours in because suddenly I have found the illusive clarity I’ve been searching for so long.

I have stumbled upon clarity a time or two in the past while practicing yoga mostly or meditating only to have it slip through my fingers later because even though I made notes I wasn’t able to or just didn’t act upon the inspirational clarity right away.

I think clarity is a use it or loose it kind of thing when you do actually get it.

This morning though I’m feeling that the clarity, the inspiration, the knowing, perhaps the intuition isn’t even in the conscious mind. That it is in fact, in the between spaces in the mind. The between is found in between the thoughts and activities and random conversations with ourselves and with others.

Those silent spaces where you didn’t even know you were thinking about anything at all only to realize you were and then those thoughts are gone like a soap bubble and you realize contained in that soap bubble were your answers, your clarity, your direction if only you had known because now the bubble has popped and the treasure inside…poof!

Today I’m going to try to get inside the bubble when it happens and to do that I think I’ll need to be present in the moment not just in the life around me but in myself, my in between silentness. It’s hard to explain but I think you’ll know it when you hear and feel it. Let me know okay?

So take care of you today and when you feel silent, listen deep inside see what comes up. Try to stop by again tomorrow ok? I think we may be on to something here. I’m not saying I will quit rearranging my studio though lol. But we’ll see.

Much Peace Love Art 😀

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