Foggy Saturday…Release The Hounds!, A Make It Work Moment and Art In Progress


Saturday is looking so beautiful. Its foggy and damp and pale looking outside. I love love love it. I feel just like I’m on the English countryside and should perhaps release the hounds!

Today would be perfect for a jigsaw puzzle or a good book either with ever flowing coffee.

I am having, as Tim Gunn would say, a make it work moment with a piece of art and I have to tell you, I am digging the challenge and indeed I am making it work. I should be able to complete it by Sunday evening…hopefully. When Sparky is home I don’t paint as much because we are constantly running somewhere.

Right now I have currently the following works in progress…

Edvard Munch inspired small art quilt (adding embellishments)

the great big yoga peace piece (still adding embellishments and drawings)

the make it work piece (still making it work)

a bowl (still in a conceptual state)

a mini zine (still writing)

and the ongoing 365 challenge that I am loosing ground and interest on

It’s time for breakfast now though. It’s Saturday morning so that means biscuits and sausage gravy with scrambled eggs and fresh pineapple slices for my family and homemade bread toast with cereal (Cheerios) and fresh fruits and of course COFFEE for me.

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow 😀

Much Peace Love Art 😀


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