Just Found Clarity On The Yoga Mat

I started not to practice it. I didn’t think I would dig it. But I did practice it and I did indeed dig it. The it being Kundalini Yoga.

I just finished Brett Larkin’s Eight Day Detox Yoga Challenge. Most of the practices are only half an hour and I need a good hour of practice so I did two at a time. Today, Days 7 & 8, were really awesome. I enjoyed the whole challenge and I will probably repeat it again at some point but the Kundalini I will most definitely incorporate into my practice on a weekly basis I think.

I’m trying to expand and grow my yoga practice from just Ashtanga and power yogas to meditation yoga and restorative yogas like Yin on Sundays. I think it’s beneficial after a long week of power yoga vinyasa flows that usually equal up to 14 hours of practice Monday through Sunday that I have started just recently of practicing yin on Sunday evenings so I have 13 hours of power vinyasa flows with 1 hour of deep stretching yin and now I’m thinking I’ll take Sunday as a full on therapeutic yoga day with Kundalini and Detox in the sunrise practice and yin in the evening practice. I think I’ll do a sunrise detox practice which can still be a vinyasa flow for an hour on Wednesdays. I’ll see how it pans out.

The Kundalini was much harder than I thought it would be and really got the heart pumping like power yoga but the breath was the fuel for the fire. Holy cow! I had no idea. It really did trigger emotions like gratitude and awe. I followed the prescribed eleven minute meditation too and just sat serenely on my yoga mat letting the muse speak. Lucky for me my hippie pouch of index cards was handy so I could make some very important notes that I would probably have forgotten otherwise.

I left the yoga mat this morning feeling energized and with so much clarity. Clarity as you know, is a sought out, on the verge of extinction animal for me, that I just want to see clearly and protect wholeheartedly so it can grow and replenish and expand me, my art and my family. Who knew it was there all along in the Kundalini Yoga? I wish Brett Larkin would make more videos on Kundalini. Perhaps I should message her on Facebook and ask her to?

It amazes me when I’m practicing yoga that I am old enough to be these instructors mothers. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to be their mom but I am. Maybe even Grandma to some of them!

I wonder if I’ll ever be a Grandma? I hope so. I won’t mind being called Granny as long as I’m Granny on the yoga mat with her feet behind her head!

Have a beautiful day my friend. Fill it with so much Peace Love and Happiness that it spills over into next week. I hope you can stop by again tomorrow for more Peace Love Art.


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