Yoga Detox, Art Quilts, Crazy Cats and Mood Swingy Weather

I’ve been practicing an hour of detox yoga every morning for three days now and my body feels so great. I feel so light like I could almost float to the ceiling.

I’ve been practicing the Detox Yoga with Brett Larkin Yoga on YouTube. Check her out. I really dig her. I would include a link but it’s not letting me right now, sorry.

I finished one whole art quilt. It’s a long story quilt. Free verse hippie poetry quilt actually. I painted it and quilted it a while back but this week I pulled it out and completed it and I love love love it! I need to photo it when I do I’ll show you.

I’m half way through a 30 patch quilt now. Again the patches were already painted and quilted some time ago and again I sat it aside, don’t know why, waiting I suppose for the inspiration to come on back and it did this week. Hopefully today I’ll finish it too.

I’m still working on the challenge I set for myself to do a little patch everyday. They are aceo size basically since after 365 of them the quilt will be so big. I’m not loving it so far but after I get one whole month behind me I’ll be able to tell more.

The other day Piper caught my attention looking very intently at something out the bay window in the studio. She had been chilling in the opposite direction so when I saw her staring upward I had to check it out too. Here’s what we saw…  dscn3832how funny is that! You’ve gotta love cats man.

Last weekend our little patch of country was covered in a beautiful cold blanket of snow. For the past few days we’ve had the windows open and the fan going. Our weather is has mood swings I think.

I need more coffee my friend. So have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art.



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