Declutter, Detox and Make Room For Happy to Move In

What do you think Happy is? Do you think some thing can make you happy? A person? A situation? A vacation?  I don’t. I think you have to find Happy inside yourself no matter your situation which in most cases isn’t perfect at all. How could it be when Life itself is usually a mess. Beautiful yet a mess. A beautiful mess.

I feel for people I know saying they are so unhappy, that they have nothing to look forward to, that life is one boring unfulfilling routine for them. I hurt for them but I still have my happy inside. It’s an oxymoron right? To feel unhappy for them but happy in my spirit.

There’s no reason behind my happiness really. I often make art no one sees and I go long lengths of time without a single sale but my happy is in creating something I love. It’s in the process, the mess, the inspiration and the dream and the hope. The hope that someday with persistence and determination and a little help from the Universe it will indeed all pan out.

Maybe if we all decluttered more, detoxed our bodies, minds and spirits then there would be more room for happy. Maybe it’s the negative thoughts and self-talk that keep unhappy in the foreground and happy waiting in the wings. No wonder if considering if you watch the news! And don’t even get me going to celebrities! Sheese!

I think we should make it a practice to counteract each negative thought, idea, news article with a positive thought and hold an intention, a mantra everyday. In yoga we set an intention for our practice be it clarity, peace, simplicity, whatever is speaking to the soul that day; that mantra or purpose or idea is the focus in the mind’s eye during practice and often is roused again during the day bringing us back to that place of calm and grounding and peace which is nice if there’s traffic or long lines at the market or rude people or breaking news…

I wish I could help people realize that Happy is with them already they just need to dust the bunnies and untangle the vines to see it, that one little glimmer, that ember that can become the fire of their soul.

I hope with all my heart you have found your happy place and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow my friend. Much Peace Love Art



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