Snow Day, Making A Daydream A Reality and


Well, it came! It did! It did! It did! We have more snow than we’ve had in years and years. It’s so quiet and indigo right now. I love the hushed peace that only a thick blanket of snow can create.

I noticed on the pool deck and the backyard just pass it big footprints in the snow. I hope Sparky gets up soon so I can show him before they are snowed over. There are prints on the deck that look like raccoon but I suppose they could be cat but I doubt it. The ones in the yard are way way way bigger though.

I bet Molly will love love love the snow. She loves water not that warm swimming pool water and cold snow have much in common but she loved to run and is so playful that I just really bet she’ll love the snow…for a little while anyway.

The cats are amazed by the snow. I can’t tell if they dig it or not but they have been watching it all the while.

Snow days are comfort food days and  perfect for soup,  homemade especially, and vegetable especially, which is good since that’s what I made enough of yesterday to carry over to this day. And homemade soup is always better the second day if you ask me.   I like the tasty way it thickens up.

I have a long running daydream of painting on a snowy day as classical music plays in the background. Not classic rock, my usual genre of choice, but actual classical. Today may be the day to make that daydream a reality.

I want to make art and embellish my art quilt inspired by Edvard Munch’s  The Scream. I want to work on my Peace monster and start a new one. I want to work on a quilted bag and maybe a zine. I want to work on my new painted wax peace piece that is work in progress. I want to work a jigsaw puzzle and play a game too. Ooh and maybe bake some cookies. Drinking coffee all the while…I hope I have enough lol.

I hope you spend the day doing all the things you love and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art.


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