Free Verse Hippie Poetry…waiting with breath that is bated

Sitting by the window

waiting with breath that is bated

for snow long awaited

to fall gently from the sky

way up high

to us below

cold nips the toes and nose

pressed into the window pane

I crane

in vain

to see

no snow yet

but it will begin soon I just bet

and then we’ll sit and watch it fall

in valleys and hills so tall

hot coffee and a game

its not so lame

put on warm socks and soft clothes

and let whip cream on hot cocoa tip your nose

Find peace in the silence as snow blankets the ground

Indigo night


us in magic and beauty and peace

it frees

the mind to play and make art

from the heart

It about to start

Let the memory making begin


Inspired by the weather forecast. We don’t get much snow so when we do it’s wonderful. I hope you have a beautiful and magical day snow or no snow. And I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art

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