In Search of Balance


I can’t seem to get settled for the past couple of days. I can’t sleep for long at night and during the day I can’t stick with anything. I’ve still been practicing yoga and as long as I concentrate on the poses and the breathing I’m okay but it’s even been a little tough picking the yoga practice.

Today I read DoreenVirtue’s card for the day and it really hit home….

Have you been feeling out of balance today? Because there seems to be an imbalance of masculine energy right now personally and globally, and the guidance today is to balance this with divine feminine energy.

Both masculine and feminine are equally important and serve essential roles. Yet, if there’s too much of one and not enough of another, we experience symptoms of imbalance such as fatigue, indecisiveness, irritability, addiction-prone cravings, drama-addiction, and so forth.

The Divine feminine energy wanted to come forward today. Meet Dana, the ancient Celtic creator. She represents the power of your inner sacred feminine energy, and that includes you guys also.

Think of a strong-willed yet loving mother, and you will get a sense of the energy that is needed right now. They showed me a vision of when my two young sons would play too roughly, and how I would step in with my mother power.

Similarly, if you sense that the masculine energy is playing too rough, you can speak up as a strong mother and it will quiet down. Every man also has mothering energy within him, and he can also speak up as a strong mother.

The masculine energy always respects the feminine energy in spiritual truth, and yet in the physical world the masculine energy is threatened by the feminine energy – and covers this fear with control and anger.

You can mother your own self, including speaking as a mother to your ego, or to any part of you that is angry or attracted to drama. Be a strong loving mother as you listen to your fears, and then help to quiet them.

To any rambunctious masculine energy playing too rough at work, at home, or in the world, speak up and say: “Knock it off now!” If you say this from your heart with conviction, the masculine energy will retreat and balance will ensue.

So, I’m going to discipline this energy today…I hope…or at least harness it into something productive.

I hope you are feeling happy and balanced and I hope you can drop by again tomorrow my friend. Much Peace Love Art.


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