Traditional New Year’s Day Food and Yoga…To Yin or Not To Yin, it’s not really a question.

Yesterday, being the first day of the new year I did what I said and spent the entire day doing things I love so I could ensure I’d be doing the same all year. I listened to really good music as I made art, worked on an art quilt and sewed for a bit. I practiced yoga…twice. I cooked some really tasty and very healthy food. I played a board game with my little family, of course I lost but it was fun. I watched a good movie with Sparky and spent time with my furry friends. I read and drank lots and lots of Hazelnut coffee. It was a good day and a great start to 2017.

So, traditionally, here in the South anyway, we eat black eye peas and greens for good luck and money in the upcoming year.  I’ve never liked black eye peas and haven’t bought them not once in my adult life but this year since I’m following the tradition of keeping up the tree until the 5th and finding out the twelve days of Christmas are actually the 12 days after Christmas, and I began the year with my right foot on the floor first and didn’t carry remove anything from the house,  I thought what the heck, and having planned ahead a can sat on my pantry shelf. I cooked them. I liked them so much better. I made cabbage instead of collards since they’re in the same family and cabbage goes a lot further. I ate my cabbage as a soup with the peas and pintos I soaked over the night before in the broth and it was so good man. Warm and filling and you just knew you were doing something good for your body.

The second day of 2017 is a rainy one. My favorite kind. I am looking forward to a day of art and coffee and more yoga later. I practiced a vinyasa power yoga this morning but I’m thinking I may delve back into Ashtanga. I used to practice Ashtanga all the time but I got bored and longed for a more flowey dance like yoga practice but I don’t want to loose my Ashtanga benefits and now I’m stronger and able to hold arm balances and practice asanas I couldn’t do so well. I don’t know, we’ll see. I just love yoga.

Sunday will be my Yin Yoga Day. I don’t really care for Yin but the body needs it after a week of power and vinyasa yogas I think. I get bored and want to move in and out and pack a lot of different asanas into my practice so holding one pose for a long time doesn’t always, or usually, jive with me but I know it gets into the fascia and acts as a fountain of youth for the body so I’ll practice it on Sunday evenings after a vinyasa flow that morning. It just seems like the right time for it, easy laid back Yin Yoga Sundays.

Okay my friend, I’m sorry to hold you up for so long. I hope you have a beautiful day and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art.


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