I think it’s important to spend the very first day of the new year doing things you love the most ensuring a year of the same.


I hope you had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. Mine was spent playing a board game, Logo, with Rainy and Michael and Sparky. Sky rang in the year with friends. After the game we watched a movie, Mastermind. It was pretty funny. Not a watch it again kind of movie but it didn’t suck.

At midnight we opened the windows to release the negative energies from last year and let in fresh air for 2017. This only lasted a moment then the windows were shut again, you know, it’s a little cold.

After the year was rang in we took a little ride, all of us me, Sparky, Molly, Rainy and Michael to pick up Sky and look at the fireworks along the way. Molly was a nervous wreck from the big booms but she liked getting out for a little outing and all was calm in the country by the time we got home. Thank goodness.

This morning I kicked off my new year with yoga practice. 70 minutes and it was wonderful. I think it’s important to spend the very first day of the new year doing things you love the most ensuring a year of the same. For me that would include spending time with my little family playing a board game, working a jigsaw puzzle, reading, studying a foreign language, listening to good music, making art, quilting, sewing, cooking, weaving/crocheting/knitting, cuddling up with Sparky to watch a movie, getting lost in the purr of a kitty letting it lull me into a meditation, maybe taking a quick nap with Molly, and of course, more yoga.

Today begins the first day of the 365 piece art quilt challenge I have set for myself. Instead of the 6 x 6 patch I’ll be doing them more aceo card size since a quilt with 365 6″ x 6″ squares would be humongous making it unsellable according to Sparky and he’s probably right. I need Barbie doll clothes and accessories for the embellishments. I wish there was a way for folks to send me the stuff they didn’t want lol and on the quilt it would go.

The beans are slow simmering on the stovetop right now and they smell so good. We’ll be doing the traditional thing with greens and black eye peas but I’m making the pintos too since I’m not so crazy about black eye peas but I want good luck so…

Have a great first day of 2017 my friend fill it full of good things and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art


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