Let’s love instead of hate. Let’s talk about good things instead of bad. Let’s hug our people, our pets, ourselves! Let’s hug life


The new year is knock knock knocking my friend. I think I’m ready to open the door wide and say come on in! Let’s make 2017 the best year yet! Let’s spend the year laughing out loud. Great big doubled over silent shaking till you cry belly laughs. The kind that make you feel as though you just did abdominal exercises.

Let’s cook tasty food with produce we buy local from Farmer’s Markets. Let’s chop, dice, slice and sliver our way to healthy meals. Colorful meals are happy meals. Orange carrots, purple eggplant. Green brusselĀ sprouts. Yellow corn. Green beans, peas, sugar snaps! Peppers in red, yellow and green. Oh my gosh. Tasty.

Let’s play. Let’s take theĀ board games off the shelf, dust them off and play for hours like we did as kids. Let’s build a fort in the corner of the living room with blankets and fill it with pillows and snacks and get in and read. Let’s hula hoop, dance barefooted while cooking dinner. Let’s take back our childlike enthusiasm.

Let’s listen to good music. Let’s spin vinyl on the turntable while we cook, dress, workout, study, make art, make love, make peace. Let’s make a soundtrack for our lives. Our go to music. Mine would include but not be limited to…George Harrison, John Lennon, Steely Dan, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison to name just a few.

Let’s practice yoga and meditate and get healthy in the body, mind and spirit. Let’s love ourselves. Let’s take a little time each day just for us to be…in the moment. Yoga is for us all, all levels, all people, young and old. Practice yoga, breathe and feel so much better, think clearer, react with intention. Meditate while sitting, walking, coloring, cooking, dancing. Just find your way to meditation and do it.

Let’s love instead of hate. Let’s talk about good things instead of bad. Let’s hug our people, our pets, ourselves! Let’s hug life. A great big bear hug embrace to 2017 like a long lost treasure that we’ll spend every single day loving for the whole 365 days we have it. We take care of it and nurture it, show it compassion and love. Make it count. And on the last day release it and let it fly letting ourselves fly too.

I hope your New Year’s Eve is wonderful whether it’s quiet (like mine) or loud like Time Square who cares, as long as it’s spent the way you want, how you want and with who you want. I’ll be here next year and I hope you’ll stop by to kick off the brand new first day of the year with me. Much Peace Love Art

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