Free Verse Hippie Poetry….Time Passes


Sleepily stretching reaching for the sky

the little squirrel wonders why

everyone is so concerned about the day

it’s gonna come what may.

The old year is passing

big deal so what

you’ve still got a lot,

he argued to the owl

who stared at the clock

with a great big scowl.

Time passes, replied the owl

and we should honor that, he told his pal.

Then we shall, said the Robin

who flew in with a bobbin

full of berries, nuts and seeds

and a bright strand of beads.

Festive and bright

on a cold winter’s night.

Welcoming the new and saying farewell to the old

stories and memories to be told.

Hopes and dreams of what is yet to come

spring from

a place of wonder and possibilities yet unrealized

but seen in the third eye

wide open

and fancy free

2017 will be a great year for you and me!

Today’s free verse hippie poetry my friend. I hope you dig it.  And I hope you can join me again tomorrow and in 2017 for a whole new year of chats and art and free verse hippie poetry. Much Peace Love Art.


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