No Resolutions Just Healthy Choices


I don’t think I’ll make any New Year’s resolutions. I don’t do so well with plans but I do really well with lifestyle choices like practicing yoga and being a vegetarian. ┬áSo maybe I can adopt a healthy work practice to be more productive and make more money. For instance, I can submit to magazines and contact galleries and maybe look for a new licensing agent, something forward moving at least twice a month that would be doable probably.

I want to balance my life more too. I want to take time to read a little everyday maybe re-learn French and further my Italian. I love foreign languages.

I want to continue my yoga practice, delve into the yoga sutras. I love love love yoga. I practice everyday twice a day for an hour or more each time unless I’m running late and then I may opt for a 45 or 50 minute practice but I usually feel guilty when I do that like I’m cheating myself.

I want to meditate more too. I sometimes skip that when yoga practice is over and just go back to life but meditation is so important.

I want to surround us in peace and easy comfort and Mama Nature’s beauty. Bowls of pine cones or rocks. A water feature inside would be nice. I want less stuff though. I may need to purge the house, the whole thing. I’d like to see just how simply we can live.

I want to live a beautiful life but not buttoned up and perfect. Life is a beautiful mess I think and when lived as such it’s just easy you know? No keeping up with anyone else, no perfect anything, nothing’s perfect anyway and if it was it would more than likely be boring. I want the throw pillow piles and the fleece throws. I want the music playing and the napping cats and Molly an ever-faithful canine companion by my side. I want peace and laughter and board games. I want jigsaw puzzles and spaghetti dinner on Sundays. I want popcorn and a movie and breakfast for dinner. I want life fearless and fancy free. I want land to roam and grow and just be.

I hope your wishes come true today and next year and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow my friend.

Much Peace Love Art


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