Going The Market, Halloween in December, Stevie Nicks, Getting Organized and Getting Creative


At the market this morning I bought cereal, 18 count eggs, and bread for Sparky’s lunch sandwich that I pack for work. I got in the only line open behind someone who had way more groceries, but I was next in line so no problem. I put down the bar that separates orders so I didn’t have to stand there holding the items and risking squeezing the bread. While waiting for my turn a dude came up with 18 count eggs, a loaf of bread, and cereal! He also had livermush though and I didn’t but I usually do. Isn’t that funny?

On the way home from the market I passed a house and noticed for the first time…they still have their Halloween jack-o-lanterns sitting on the porch.

Back home I had to reorganize my studio to prepare for the art quilt patch a day challenge I’m giving to myself. I already have the theme picked out and can’t wait to explore it further and I will totally tell you more about it but not today.

I had to find the perfect spot for my new Brother Project Runway sewing and quilting machine!!! I am so happy!!!! I haven’t had time to figure it out yet since I worked all day long practically just rearranging everything but now all my sewing and embellishments are in one place so I’m happy.

Rainy is going to see Stevie Nicks in March. That was our gift to her and Michael and she is thrilled! Stevie! Nicks!! OMG!! I’m excited!

Sky got a phone. I don’t even have a phone of course, I’m okay with that.

Right now Rainy and Michael are sitting around the kitchen island. She’s learning to cross-stitch and he’s learning to crochet. I love my family.

Okey dokey my friend, I’m gonna bounce so have a great evening and try to stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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