Hippie Son Turns Sixteen, Pâtisserie, Music

Today is my hippie son’s sixth birthday. I made his cake this morning after yoga. It’s a chocolate double decker with brownie chunks and cookie crumbles both of which I made this morning also along with bread all before breakfast and I did the laundry too! I feel just like the freaking energizer bunny.

I have to admit it. I love baking. I pretend I have a cute little pâtisserie and people come from far and wide to buy my baked goods.

We took a little drive this morning (to get dog food we forgot yesterday or rather didn’t realize we needed until this morning) along the way we passed a speckled horse pulling a buggy and saw a big hawk keeping watch over a farmer’s garden now bare except for some greens.

By this time I have made lunch. Easy peasy though. Ramen noodles and black forest ham sandwiches for the guys and salad and spinach wrap for me.

Sparky and I walked to our neighbor’s Tracy and Liz to deliver a little bag of tasty treats and the stray cats followed us there and back.

Our soundtrack this day hasn’t been the traditional carols. We’ve been listening to songs of the 70’s as we wrapped gifts and baked and ate and just existed in the day in the moment.

I hope your Christmas Eve is great and I hope you can stop by tomorrow for a breath and  coffee and little chat. Much Peace Love Art.


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