Christmas Trees, Memories and PopTarts


I remember Christmas at my Nona’s house. We put up the silver tree and decorated it with ornaments that stood the test of time. She sat on the floor the light wheel that would reflect the color on the tree as it spun at a snail’s pace in a circle. Then we would always go outside to view the tree from the front porch so she could make any needed tweaks such as a bare spot on the tree where an ornament may need to be placed or rotating the color wheel. We did this continuously for a while until everything was just right and she was satisfied. The thing is, no one could see the tree from the street since the house was way up on top of a hill with pine trees lining up like tall Nutcrackers guarding the fort. But I don’t blame her, in fact I like it.

Another Christmas when it was just my mom, my brother and sister and me we decorated the whole tree, everything, top to bottom in total darkness. The only light we had was that of the setting sun and the moon that rose. At the end of the two hours or more it took to decorate it we plugged the lights in to behold the beauty and it was beautiful. It was also fun.

When it was Rainy and me we put up at least two trees if not three. One in her room, one in my studio and one in the living room. Two of three were always silver.

When Sky was two he undecorated our tree so we got to decorate it all over again which was fun. I remember that day well, our twinkle lights wouldn’t work and we had to go out to buy new ones. While out we (Rainy and I) had the strongest jones for apple cinnamon poptarts so we bought several boxes and that’s what we ate for breakfast lunch and dinner that day.

We’ve, ok, me, I, have knocked over more than one Christmas tree rearranging the furniture to get it just right for Christmas.The cats have been up the tree almost toppling it,  making little napping nests in it but not this year. This year, Piper sits on the table located at the edge of the tree where she can just gaze contentedly at the lights which I think she really loves and Bijou couldn’t care any less about it.

We’ve been adding our Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments to the tree but I think we’re running a day behind so we’ll have to make that up or else have Christmas one day later and I don’t think that will go over so today we’ll add two.

Next year I want to have another tree in my studio that I’ll decorate with only hand made boho shabby chic ornaments and misfit toys.

I hope your day is beautiful and magical and you get a moment to just sit and take it all in, the holiday, the magic, the Christmas tree and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow my friend.

Much Peace Love Art.

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