Jack Frost visited us again…


Jack Frost visited us again. Overnight our little patch of country land has turned frosty and bone chilling cold and I love it. A light dusting of white lays on top of the grass like powdered sugar. It’s not snow but it’s close. Soon though the frosty topping will disappear leaving behind grass that looks like sword blades dipped in┬ádiamonds as the sun gets sunnier and the temperature rises toward sixty.

When the sun has indeed become quite sunnier I will venture out to the post office to mail out the art quilt that just sold along with a coloring book. And since I’ll be right there and since there’s a book on the shelf all about art quilts I think I really should bring it home for Christmas.

After that the day will be slipping away but it’s ok because it is my intention to enjoy it thoroughly and I hope you do as well and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art my friend.


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