The Weather, A Movie and Kundalini Yoga


The weather today has felt…tropical. Breezy but tropical. Rainy and tropical. It’s ok because it’s rainy but I’d rather have it cold. It’s Christmastime it should be cold unless you actually live somewhere tropical then tropical would be just fine.

Yesterday it was blisteringly cold. Frigidly cold. Layers upon layers cold. Sparky and I went to the flea market so I could give Tami her spirit doll. There were very few outside vendors and I wasn’t about walking the whole market anyway because it was so so so cold. It felt like Christmas…in Alaska. I’ve never been to Alaska but I imagine it to feel like yesterday at the flea market and I for one, loved it.

Today we watched The Secret Life Of Pets. It was so cute! I loved the artwork and the story. We laughed right out loud. I will totally watch it again.

I worked on another spirit doll while we watched the movie. I sewed on her hair. Strand by single strand, painstakingly, and it was worth it. She’s is so cute!! I’ll snap a picture of her and try to post it tomorrow.

I practiced Kundalini yoga this morning. It was a twenty-minute practice and while I did enjoy it I just didn’t feel like I practiced enough yoga so I practiced a vinyasa flow for another forty minutes or so.

I’m an Ashtanga yogini and I love a good vinyasa flow and power yoga too. Some days just call for yin and when I get that call I answer it gladly. Kundalini is supposed to open you to creativity and I thought as an artist it could only help. But I’m not sure Kundalini is for me unless I practice it after Ashtanga or a vinyasa flow. That could work maybe depending on how much time I have.

Time is on my mind a lot and I wish I could just release it. I have a certain number of things to get done everyday and I need a semi schedule. A schedule that is flexible though. Flexible like yoga which I just practiced again. A vinyasa strength flow.

I hope your Sunday has been wonderful and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art.


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