Every where you look it seems that fairies have visited and left glitter and diamonds and magic for us to find


Christmas is almost upon us. It’s almost over. It can’t be, it just can’t. I have enjoyed every last little twinkle light this year and I’m not ready for it to over. Oh my gosh, I just realized I haven’t hung our Christmas stockings yet. Now I’m wondering if that wouldn’t be something fun to do on Christmas Eve?

Next week or maybe tomorrow, the house will be filled with the delicious aroma of Christmas. Cookies and brownies and breads will be baking, one pan after another. Tucked into waxed paper and slipped into brown paper sacks for giving away.

Every year I wonder…where will we be next year? Once again, in keeping with the tradition I’m wondering the same thing.

It’s dawning into a frosty morning here. The country is so quiet. The only sound I hear is the gently drying clothes and low whir of the space heater in the studio. It’s so peaceful right now. I’m cozy and warm having just practiced a vinyasa yoga flow that was vigorous and fun and now I’m serene and energetic and ready to live this day. I need yoga like air and coffee and art.

I love frosty mornings. Every where you look it seems that fairies have visited and left glitter and diamonds and magic for us to find. I picture Jack Frost skipping and frolicing across the yard, a long scarf flowing behind him and his hat tipping to one side very coquetishly as he reaches a gloved hand in a sparkling pail for a handful of frost and whimsy tossing it high into the air letting it fall gently down landing where it may.

Frosty country mornings bring to life thoughts of hot coffee and biscuits stuffed with chicken glazed in honey mustard or maybe a sausage gravy with big spicy chunks. While I don’t eat meat myself I still have to cook it for my family and I love love love to cook. It’s like meditation for me all the chopping and dicing. I would love to take more time with tablescapes though.

There’s movement in the house now and it’s getting lighter outside my friend so it’s time for the day to really begin. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to enjoy the twinkle lights and live in the moment. You don’t want to miss a thing! Meet me back here tomorrow if you can.

Much Peace Love Art


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