Free Verse Hippie Poetry…What The Cat Knew


Do you want to know something? asked the cat to me.

I want to know lots of things, said I to the cat.

What do you want to know asked the cat

I want to know all about that

this and the other,

I replied

the cat eyed

me suspiciously

as cats are highly suspicious by nature

I would wager

the cat thought I naive

unable to conceive

the ideas and knowledge it held

deep inside

where the secrets of life hide.

But I had news for the little cat

that sat

so nonchalant

more than a little gallant

in the window

on the sill

looking chill

and oh so zen

that’s just fine then

I’ll find out on my own

that’s what I’ll do

and I’ll do it soon too!

I declared

waving my arms in the air.

A smile of satisfaction on the cat’s face

it said, well done, you’ve finally found

your pace

your space

you’ve already won the race.

With that it stood up taking a long leisurely stretch before slinking away

to bask in another warm window on a cold winter’s day

leaving me slightly confused, amused

bewildered at what the cat knew.

the end or is it…

Lol, my cat, Bijou was sitting in front of me the whole time tapping my chin for attention so she was the inspiration for this and even as I finished it up she did slink away to my other window. You’ve gotta love cats!

I hope you have a great day and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow my friend. Much Peace Love Art 😀

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