Dream times 3


Here’s what happened…

My mom had a dream that bothered her so she called her best friend to talk about it upon hearing the dream her friend started to fill in the blanks and soon they were going back and forth about it…they both had had the same dream.

If that’s not strange enough…I dreamed that I had a car with a steering wheel on the right hand side. I took my car to show it to my mom and found her running with her best friend. My mom stopped to look at my car but her friend kept running. Sometime after that  someone was after me. I was hiding in an office building. I can still see it so clearly.

Here’s the kicker…my mom and her friend’s dream was about someone kidnapping me. I was hiding and they were trying to find me (my mom was trying and her friend was helping). We all had the same dream on the same night.

So, what do you think? Strange or what? Sparky told me not to go out without him lol.

Ok, my friend, gotta run, not from someone but to some coffee. Have a beautiful day and try to meet me back here tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art 😀


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  1. joanmocco says:

    Because the steering wheel is on the right, it feels like a symbolic dream. Perhaps about non-conformance and something chasing you into hiding.

    1. dawn says:

      Hmmm, could be. I remember really loving the car before someone started chasing me. The really weird thing is how three of us had the same dream at the same time.

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