A Series of Unfortunate Events…


Yesterday reading from top to bottom:

dropped my favorite thin quilting needle on the floor and never found it even after moving everything in the vicinity…twice, ok three or four times I moved everything and still never found it. It is undoubtedly in the upside down place with my letter T.

dropped my toothbrush and it landed behind the toilet after bouncing off everything on it’s way there…I keep my bathroom clean but out I went for a new toothbrush

I dropped the phone or rather it fell from my table somehow when I was quilting but it didn’t break, this is either good or bad depending on how you look at it

making dinner…fries on the pan at the end of the kitchen island, Bijou jumps for the island and lands on the pan sending it crashing to the floor fries went everywhere…gathered the fries, they went in the trash, pan was washed and more fries applied to it

my homemade bread toast was in the cast iron pan and Sky’s wrap already spread with mayo and ketchup with Colby Jack cheese waiting on the chicken to come out of the oven was sitting next to it on the stove top…I was in motion putting pinto beans into the microwave to have with his chicken and potato salad and slaw when the bowl slipped through my hand and landed smack dab on top of my bread in the pan splattering pintos and broth onto me, my toast and Sky’s wrap…we ate it any way and it was so good

I pretty much grounded myself to a chair after doing the dishes and stayed there drinking coffee, playing solitaire online and watching the Voice until I gave into sleepiness and went to bed at 10:30 but I woke up when Sparky came to bed telling me that Sundance won. I hope that’s true and I didn’t dream it. I was pulling for Sundance.

I also dreamed I had a new car and the steering wheel was on the right hand side which isn’t odd for some but here in the US it is but oh my gosh, I think I would love it a lot!

On deck today…

after breakfast we’re headed out to run errands and for Christmas shopping round two

I’ll cook meals as usual and since the day will already be broke up so much with so much running I’ll go ahead and clean the house this evening after yoga but before dinner, before Survivor, so tomorrow I can work on spirit dolls all day (hopefully) with laundry being my only chore.

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀

2 Comments Add yours

  1. debbearden says:

    Oh my Dawn! I’m so happy to figure out how to follow you and register so I can comment! Ha! Sometimes I get the dropsies too, it tends to stay all day. Good thing you sat tight before anything else happened!

    1. dawn says:

      Welcome!! The coffee’s all ready!
      Lol, I know right!! Oh my gosh. Wait till you hear what happened while I slept. I’ll post about it in Thursday chat 😀 Big hugs!!

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