comfort food, spirit doll and a cat in the box

Today has been busy but good. Not Christmas shopping, still haven’t even started that. I cooked pinto beans that soaked overnight and cabbage and fried potatoes and biscuits to go with them. I also made bread today so the house has smelled so good. And keeping with the season and the weather too.

I began a spirit doll today and hopefully I can finish it tomorrow. I am so digging making it. I began one a few weeks ago but it went horribly wrong so I used part of it on another piece of art. This one, I’m happy to report, is coming along much better. I’m handstitching a lot of it and I can’t wait to embellish it with beads and glitter and whimsy.

A package arrived the other day filled with Christmas surprises from my friend Sara. It took about 20 seconds of opening the box for Piper to land in the box where she has resided pretty much for days now.

Ok, my friend, I hope your day has been beautiful and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art.


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