Talking to Furry Friends, Restless Ghosts, Art Doll and Other People’s Love Letters


I was just now talking to Bijou and I heard Rainy in the living room talking to Piper. Yes, around here we talk to our furry friends because it’s just not polite to not answer back.

Our ghosts are really restless right now. I see them everywhere and apparently some are baking as we are catching the aroma of blueberry pie.

There’s frost everywhere this morning and so beautiful. I know a lot have snow and while I wish we did I am just really thankful for the frost. It’s so magical and exudes Christmas whimsy making me want to brew hot chocolates and make pancakes.

I made my art doll. It’s the image from Edvard Munch’s The Scream. I love him so much. We have been having the best little talks in the studio too. He tells me he is screaming for Peace and Harmony and because he broke his coffee cup. He’s for sale in my etsy shop DawnCollinsArt ready to be someone’s muse.

I’ve almost finished reading Other People’s Love Letters. I have loved reading it so much. Probably not as much as Paris In Love, a memoire but a lot. Already I am contemplating my next book.

I think it would be so neat to have a job reading for books on tape or audiobooks I think they are called. I would love love love to do that. I would even do little voices for the main characters! That would be fun. If anyone needs someone to record books on tape I’m your girl!

Okay, my friend, I hope you have a beautiful day and I hope you can meet me back here tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art.

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