Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Dream and Believe by the Muse




Dream and Believe, whispered the muse into my ear.

Be brave she said to my heart, and have no fear.

You already know

which way to go.

Be still and be here

to be active and get there

guidance in the air

and path is lit

this is it

now is the time

to end this rhyme

and move forward

in motion

you’ve got the notion.

If you get a little confused along the path

no worries about that.

There’s  bread crumbs along the way

it’s your choice to go or to stay

where you are

near or far.

Decide now though

and then you’ll



Off the top of my head as usual, but I like it and it’s message. Thank you Muse for showing up this morning 😀

I hope you have a beautiful day my friend and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art.

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