Yoga and Peace, When The Muse Speaks and My Latest Obsession….


My yoga mat is like my very own personal island. While I’m residing there it’s nothing but warmth and peace and chimes that ding and twinkle like little lights releasing every little thing that has happened and spreading joy and  happiness in it’s purest state since there’s no rhyme or reason for the happiness other than how your body is feeling moving in and out of the asanas.

Yesterday I was like a crazed artist. I began a wax painting to abandon it to start a yoga themed banner which I drew only a part of one little patch before I abandoned it to work on a full page zine which I put back in the drawer it had emerged from to quilt my Edvard Munch’s The Scream wax painting of which I sewed the perimeter and sat aside. Finally I put on my music and pulled out the giant piece I have had in progress since late summer and inspiration hit like a ton of bricks, the Muse, my Muse was speaking loud and clear and I worked for hours non-stop not even for coffee and yoga (which I practiced late). I left off at a place where I can pick back up on the inspiration today so I won’t have to spend lost time wondering and wandering around the studio.

The zine I put back also got worked on last night on the kitchen island while we watched Survivor and I have to tell you quite honestly, I am so glad I waited to work on it because last night the inspiration once again kicked in and I almost finished the whole thing!! It’s a little different from most zines but who cares?

I need to go make Sparky’s breakfast now and later I want to work on an art doll. That’s right, an art doll. I’ve never made one before so I’m just gonna wing it. But I know I want it to be the image from The Scream. I don’t know why but right now I am so obsessed with this image. As a matter of fact today also, I want to begin a new wax and ink painting using the image for a contemporary possibly controversial peace piece. I can’t wait! So excited!!

I wonder why my ears are ringing so much today.

I hope you have a dreamy day and I hope you can stop back by again tomorrow my friend!! Much Peace Love Art : D


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