Sparky has a bowl of peanuts next to his favorite chair, a recliner of course. As he munches on the peanuts he offers one to Molly every so often. That’s the backstory, so night before last he was doing that as usual but Molly was acting really strange and he was left wondering why she was eating them so fast since she doesn’t normally eat fast at all. She savors her food, even plays with it, much like me. He keeps his work boots right next to the said recliner. He was slipping his feet in the shoes when he felt something strange. Peanuts. Peanuts were in his boots. Peanuts Molly hadn’t eaten any of them, she couldn’t, they were in his boots!

I can’t possibly top that so I’m gonna bounce to package art that needs to ship out. Have a great day and try to stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love aRt 😀


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