Soup is the quintessential comfort food for a cold rainy day…


I’ve been decking the halls, the walls and the windows today. Yesterday we put up the tree and it is all I would dream for a country Christmas. I’ll soon start baking and delivering little brown paper bags of tasty treats.

I made soup today. Slowly it boiled all day long. I throw it all in when making soup, tomato and vegetable stock base into which goes everything…peas, carrots, okra, green beans, corn and anything I else I see, during the last half hour I add the potatoes. I like a bit of Sriracha Sauce in mine too. Soup is the quintessential  comfort food for a cold rainy day. I love rainy days and I love the soup a lot but even more so the next day. It thickens and all the flavors combine and oh my gosh, you’d chase off a bear for it.

I was almost tempted to rearrange my studio and I still have one idea in here I want to try so I may yet and probably will. I need room to practice yoga though. That’s important. So important. I need my yoga practice everyday, twice a day.

I haven’t worked on any art at all. The Christmas tree went up after lunch which was hotdogs and all the fixin’s after we went to the market. I was dangerously low on fruit. You know I love love love my fruit. We also brought in Mama’s (the stray cat) kittens, all four of them and found them homes! I’m so glad. I miss their sweet little faces but now they have forever homes and that feels nice.

Hopefully this afternoon there will be time for art and then yoga and then dinner and then The Walking Dead.

Have a beautiful evening my friend and try to meet me back here tomorrow!  Much Peace Love Art 😀


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