No reason in particular, I’m just asking.


What would you do if  you KNEW you would not fail?

What would you continue to do if you won the lottery and never ever really had to work again…ever? What would you still do?

How would you like to spend this very day? What would you do? Go out or stay home? Cook or order take out? Rearrange the furniture? Play music or watch tv?

If you were going to be the YOU you would love to be (assuming you aren’t already, because it’s my opinion that we all hold back at least a little bit be it from fear or lack or subconscious or something)? What would you be like? How would you dress? How would you wear your hair? Would you be gregarious or reserved? Playful or sophisticated? Would you prefer diamonds and pearls to leather and lace? How would you spend your free time? Would you travel or rather chill at home? What would your career of choice be? Would you be single or in a committed relationship? Any kids or pets?

No reason in particular, I’m just asking. But it is something to ponder or journal about isn’t it? I’m going to give it some thought and I think I’ll even make a zine about it. You know I love zines!

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by the barefoot home again tomorrow. I’m making soup! Big hugs and Much Peace Love Art 😀


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