Free Verse Hippie Poetry…Beads and Buttons


Beads and Buttons

Buttons and Beads

I’m up to my knees

in buttons and beads.

Head to toe

little paths left wherever I go.

Thread and Needle

Needle and Thread

this something I love and never dread.

I come with strings attached

with little trails

and tails

of threads and beads and buttons

but rarely bows

there’s even bells on my toes


not all the time

that would be weird

which is okay around here

it helps as a matter of fact

and that’s just about all there is about that.

Lol, okay. I had no idea what today’s free verse hippie poetry was going to be until I saw the banner on my blog and all it’s delicious strings and threads and buttons and was so inspired! Also I’ve been seeking clarity and I think I’m onto something. Perhaps it’s been there all along…my art quilts.

Anyway, have a beautiful day my friend and leave a trail of whimsy and happiness as you go so I can find you after while ๐Ÿ˜€ ย And try to stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art ๐Ÿ˜€


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