Dolly, Christmas Magic, and Hippie Art

We in this barefoot home love love love Dolly. Parton that is. I love her laugh, her voice, her attitude. I love her freedom to be who she is totally unapologetically. We watched the second movie last night and it was so good!!

I too believe in signs and guardian angels and the magic of Christmas. I think the magic is there all the time though. It’s just that at Christmas more folks are open to it. More people are sharing the similar positive thoughts and therefore there’s more magic and positive energy in the world. Just think what a wonderful world it would be if we as a whole held that same positive energy, love and belief all year long!!

I can’t wait to ship a few gifts out today. I love love love giving stuff away. Little things that I have made with peace and love that I hope will bring the recipient inspiration and a smile when they look at it.

I think the warmth of the past two days has passed on by and we’ll be back to more seasonal temperatures today. I hope.

I’m a little chilly now. My hair is still wet from the shower this morning. I’ve already cleaned the bathroom and liter box and loaded the washer but not started it…yet. I’ve practiced yoga and now here I am ready for coffee.

Have a beautiful first day of December y’all. And try to stop by again tomorrow! Free Verse Hippie Poetry Day. Sigh…seems like yesterday that I was just talking about October Mondays…time is fleeting. Enjoy the day now not tomorrow enjoy tomorrow tomorrow. 😀 Much Peace Love Art!


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