Laundry, Christmas, and Weaving Looms

I want to see Christmas! I want to see the twinkle lights and smell the hot cocoa and coffee. I want to see people wrapped up in handmade scarves and cute hats and wool lined boots. I want to feel the cold against my face and see my breath when walking and talking with Rainy in the late afternoon. I want to smell chimney smoke and frosty window panes. I don’t want to see mid 70’s on the very last days of November. I don’t live in Florida or Hawaii or any place where the 70’s would be welcome. Urrgh!!

Today I have to go on a search, an all out no holds barred search for all my weaving supplies. Because in addition to my art quilts big and small, and my zines and other oddities I want to weave.

I have dreamed of weaving for four nights now. I’m weaving yoga mats and bags in my dreams and selling them for 89.00! I’ve got yarn, skeins and skeins of it so I need to try. I just need to find my heddles and comb and other various tools that are here…somewhere.

Outside my studio windows the day has dawned beautiful. It’s white out there. Ghostly and sheer with rain looming. I think I’ll run my errands early. Tomorrow I’ll make soup since my turkey casserole should be almost gone and soup on a rainy day will be cozy even if it is in the 70’s. Boo 70’s! The weather…not the decade 😀

Okay my friend, my laundry is finally dry so I’m gonna bounce not even trying to contemplate any more how four people make so much dirty laundry in one day. Yes, one day. I have had to do the laundry everyday since last Friday! When you open the laundry nook and the clothes pile is towering above your head you simply have to load the washer. Thank goodness I don’t have to haul it to a creek and wash it against a rock!

Have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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