I have a house full of roasted pecan thieves…


I told Sparky he was in charge of twinkle lights for Thanksgiving. When I got up this morning to practice sunrise yoga there they were. All lit up like little colorful fairies in the kitchen where I’ll spend the morning cooking, laughing and loving every single minute of the day.

A rainy start to Thanksgiving. But we love the rain around here. The outside kitties, well, not too sure how they’re gonna feel about it since it hasn’t rained since they’ve been born. I’m going out to feed them in a minute and this weekend I’m moving them inside, at least I think I am, so I can find them homes and make sure they are good and tame by then. Bijou won’t like it but…she was once a stray herself until I saved her from the Dollar Store parking lot where she was chasing down a bug to eat for lunch, poor little thing.

Cooking, cooking, cooking! Waiting now for the turkey to come out of the oven so I can make the sweet potato extravaganza (I found my recipe, but I ended up winging it anyway changing it just a bit).

I love mixing and chopping and pouring and melting hot butter with light brown sugar and marshmallows into a bowl of sweet potatoes seasoned with pumpkin spice. I like the pots boiling and the oven roasting and the bread rising. I like the whipped topping that will sit like little snow peaks on top of pumpkin pie. I think I may be a foodie. I’m vegetarian but we cook too!

I have a house full of roasted pecan thieves. Everyone is a suspect, even Piper (the cat).

Well, I cooked for 2+ hours and we feasted. It was fun, but I’m glad it’s done. The sweet potato extravaganza was loved! The cats and dogs are pretty happy too. Now all is done until dinner which will be left overs for days for my meat eaters! Hello Turkey Panini!

The rain barely lasted at all and now it’s just horrible, bright and sunny and warm. I wanted a really chilly day. I wanted at least for some clouds to hold back the sun from heating things up too much. Oh well, c’est la vie. At least Rainy and I were able to go for a walk after lunch.

Later we will be delivering food trays and when we get back I’ll take a shower and practice yoga and put dinner back out and prep my fruit.

I have a little time right now so I think I’ll work on a new piece or study for my holistic healing and naturopathy class. I hope your day is so special and full of good things that make good memories and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art.



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