The Day Before Thanksgiving…


Another country Thanksgiving is upon us. The smells are already being anticipated. The cinnamon and nutmeg and hot chocolates. The pumpkin pie and roasting turkey. The bowls of pinecones scented with cinnamon and the candles and twinkle lights. Carols!

It’s not too early now is it? I want to deck the halls, the walls and everything this year! I want to make it a fun Christmas, a whimsical Christmas, a Christmas to be remembered! I want to bake tasty treats and give them away. I want to cover the world with peace love and glitter but not tinsel since the cats would try to eat it and that would be bad.

I need to make my sweet potato extravaganza today to bake tomorrow but I can’t find my recipe. Should I make it up again as I go? Do I need brown sugar? Do I need orange juice? They loved it so much last year and now I have no idea how I made it.

Today after Sparky’s doctor’s appointments and errands we’ll come home and I’ll make lunch which will be something I don’t know what yet. Then I’ll start rising bread and boiling eggs and making the sweet potatoes somehow. I need to clean the bathroom and vacuum and practice evening yoga and make dinner and sometime in there the turkey will go into it’s water bath so it’s thawed and ready for tomorrow.

This year the turkey will be roasting in an convection oven so I need to check the timing on that too.

The dog show is tomorrow! I love watching the dog show while I cook.

I wonder why there’s not a cat show. Cats are awesome too. The stray kittens under the house are so cute. I’ve been able to pick up a couple of them and this weekend when everything is settling back down hopefully I will be able to find them homes.

Okay my friend, I hope your day is filled with good thoughts and good things and I hope you can stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art 😀


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