T’was two days before Thanksgiving…

T’was two days before Thanksgiving

and all through the house

every creature was anticipating

the tasty meal yet to come

yummy food

hot from the oven.

Couldn’t resist a little free verse before Friday.

Okay, busy week on deck. Yesterday I finished some gift bags and packaged art shipping to Florida today. After breakfast Rainy and I will be hitting the road to go to the market I didn’t know we needed Colby Jack cheese but we do and green tea too. I need to go to the bank and the post office of course, and the library and the Dollar Store. It’ll by time to make lunch when I get back home.

Tomorrow Sparky has two doctor’s appointments so we’ll leave early and get home again…after lunch. But maybe we’ll stop by the Restore while we’re in the neighborhood and the day will already be fleeting so what the heck? Rainy and Sky and the furry friends can make Christmas wish lists while we’re out.

I’ll boil the eggs for Thanksgiving egg boats tomorrow too and make bread and put the turkey in it’s water bath in the afternoon so it can pop in the oven Thursday morning while I prepare (from scratch) sweet potato extravaganza, smashed potatoes, yeast rolls, and corn from our garden and beans too. Cranberry sauce is coming from a can because they love it. Pumpkin pie is the desert of choice with whipped topping. I may open a can of tuna for the cats in honor of the day.

I’m most looking forward to the dog show. I used to love love love the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade but not so much since it seems more like one long advertisement for Broadway shows anymore. I’d rather see creative floats and big old classic balloons like Underdog and Snoopy and the marching bands. I love the marching bands but my favorite part of the parade are the Radio City Rockettes.

I wanted to be a Rockette so much when I was a kid. I would dance around doing my high kicks, which weren’t half bad if I do say so myself, but my aunt sadly broke the news to me I was too short. Probably one of my first big disappointments.

Friday we’re working again on the deck and hopefully it will be all finished! I’ve enjoyed most of it but I’m so ready for it to be done so I can get on with the merry making!

There’s a beautiful sunrise currently unfolding before me so I’m gonna bounce and enjoy it. I hope you have a beautiful day my friend and I hope you can stop back by again tomorrow.

Manifest with me that I can find (for cheap) a neat old ribbon type writer at the Restore. I need one for my zines. Thanks 😀

Big hugs!


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