I want…


I want to live somewhere time worn and weather beaten and still standing strong and proud. A haven with cobblestone streets and shuttered windows and red doors and pubs where you play darts and know everyone by name.

I want to wear ankle socks and mary jane shoes when I’m sixty and not give a one single care what anyone thinks about it.

I want to ride a bicycle with three wheels, a basket and a bell to the outdoor farmer’s market where I’ll buy organic veggies and flowers that will sit in a mason jar in the window sill.

I want to play my albums and dance barefooted through the house while doing my chores. Laundry and dusting is so much more fun when the music is playing.

I want to burn my incense and do my chants and practice my yoga. Believing full well in holistic health knowing that a healthy body starts with a healthy attitude, good food and a peaceful mind.

I want to weave and sew and quilt. I want to paint with my fingers and blend creamy pastels with chalks and waxes and papers to create something extraordinarily  extraordinaire in a hip and cool way.

I want to share as much peace love and happiness as I can with words and art.

I want to inspire Generation X to be Generation X-ceptional.

I want to get more coffee.


I want you to have the best Sunday of all time!!


I want you to stop by the barefoot home to hang out with me again tomorrow please 😀

Much Peace Love Art.


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