It got really windy and cold and a tree fell in the woods.


We spent the whole day working on the deck job again. It got really windy and cold and a tree fell in the woods.

I practiced a heart opening yoga tonight and I hated it. Why is it when I practice most heart opening yoga sequences I don’t like them. What does this say about me? Am I cold and heartless? I hope not. I don’t think so but is that my coldness speaking? Gosh. Yeah, I’m not heartless maybe I am heart-full, full of heart, open hearted! That’s it! I’m so open hearted already and that’s why I don’t need heart opening yoga. Yeah, I’m going with that.

Thanksgiving is next week. Holidays are speeding toward us like the speed of light! Slow down please. I want to enjoy every last little twinkle light this year. I want to feel Christmas all the way down to my toes tucked into my chenille socks that I only wear on really special cold winter nights like when it’s snowing.

I’m so hungry my friend so I’m gonna bounce….to the kitchen for dinner since I’m the one cooking it. It being…chicken probably and potato salad and corn and biscuits for my boys and breakfast for me. I want cereal and toast and fruit and COFFEE!

Meet me back here tomorrow if you can!! Much Peace Love Art 😀

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