Sometimes a song comes on that just brings me to my feet (if by some chance I’m actually sitting down) andSometimes a song comes on that, kick off my shoes (if I’m actually wearing any) and dance and shake my tambourine and be…there…in the music and lyrics and energy it creates.


Sometimes when I hear and smell a crackling fire I’m coming home from school again and my mom has a fire in the fireplace and a bowl of mixed nuts on the table and candles burning on the mantle making an ordinary run of the mill late afternoon weekday special and cozy.


Sometimes when I’m walking in the last light of the day I’m filled with a sense of anticipation and whimsy with a feeling that dreams can come true and you just never know when something really wonderful is about to happen.


Sometimes I think I know exactly what to do to help myself in the future but then I forget what it was or loose the vibe, but I think if I just sat still or walked in the last light of the day I would find it again.


Sometimes I feel like I simply cannot wait another single second for a cup of coffee and now is one of those times so I’m gonna bounce but I hope you can stop by again tomorrow my friend and I hope your day is filled with wonder and whimsy and good coffee.


♥Much Peace Love Art♥


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