A Vodka Martini Shaken Not Stirred, Frosty Mornings and Cosmo’s Moon


A sentence I hope I can use someday (even though I don’t drink but I would) for this. Ok, here’s the sentence, “a vodka martini shaken not stirred”.

I want to hold the martini glass with an olive in it and sip it slowly while sitting in an open window sill listening to the smooth jazz floating upward to me on a breeze playing somewhere down the block. I want to wear a little black dress sleeveless even if it’s chilly and  I want my feet bare, of course.

I think frosty mornings and hot coffee go together like pancakes and syrup. I love frosty window panes and perking coffee and plaid and homemade bread and apple butter. I love something warm from the oven on frosty mornings.

Yesterday on our way to work on the deck it was so cold!! Along our little country lane we saw four turkeys which I warned to go hide. They were just ambling along enjoying the Sunday morning. Sparky saw an elderly woman in a robe gathering her Sunday paper and said she was probably going to read it in while having her coffee. I think I’ve rubbed off on him.

The moon was so great this morning! So magical and spectacularly spectacular. I couldn’t help but think of Cosmo’s moon from the film Moonstruck (a movie I love by the way). https://youtu.be/EAU4pf0uhoY

I hope the day brings all the magic that the moon delivered like a big gift under the Christmas tree.  I hope we see all kinds of wonderful things today. I hope there’s world peace and clean water and enough food and love for us all and every little furry friend to have a home where it’s loved. And I hope you can stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art


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