This morning as we drove past a harvested field we saw sitting on a line a beautiful hawk. No doubt out looking for breakfast. I love hawks so much. I  would love to have one that would come and visit with me for a while before taking flight again.

I don’t think yin yoga is for me. I get too bored but it does make my body feel so good. I just practiced it for probably 70 minutes. I thought deep stretches would feel good after a vigorous day of construction work (we worked on the deck again today).

I am so hungry. I had breakfast early…fruit, cereal and homemade bread toast, lunch we took with us so we got to eat outside. I love eating outside, it makes everything just taste so much better and my lunch was already delicious…a jalapeño and spinach sandwich on light wheat bread with mustard and Sriracha sauce with a few pecans for desert.  And now I need some dinner and coffee!!

I hope you can stop by again tomorrow!!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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