Life is good and beautiful when kept simple


Yesterday coming back home from the market driving down the little country lane that leads to my house I passed a beautiful menagerie. Back story…I set an intention during sunrise yoga that I wanted to see the beauty of life, the simplicity of living…simple.

So I was very grateful when I was in the moment and not distracted by the radio or running over a mental to do list or thinking of putting away the groceries or what I was making for lunch. I was just in the moment. That’s when I saw it, the beauty of simple living, country living, my life…

I saw a small dog, a chihuahua in the horse pasture barking it’s little butt off at two horses eating a late breakfast or maybe brunch. The pair payed the little dog no attention what so ever.

On down the road I saw a yard of free range chickens and guinea hensĀ and even a turkey and a peacock! I was enthralled! It was beautiful. Back home I was greeted by the stray cats and Molly.

Life is good and beautiful when kept simple.


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