While most are talking about our new president I want to talk about food…



While most are talking about our new president I want to talk about food…

You may ask just how many different kinds of panini can you make? I answer as many as you can think of…

  • Eggplant panini….eggplant with mozzarella cheese that gets so ooey gooey on a baguette spread with some spicy mustard
  • french dip panini…beef and cheese with a warm dipping broth
  • pizza panini…pepperoni and cheese and mushroom, peppers and onions and olives on Italian bread spread pizza sauce (save some sauce for dipping) toss some cheese stick or bread sticks in the oven to go with…yummy and easy to customize
  • Italian panini…Italian crusty bread and a selection of meats…salami, pastrami, prosciutto with cheese and seasonings, adding lettuce and tomato after it comes off the grill
  • veggie panini…I toss them all in the cast iron pan…peppers, mushrooms, onions, carrots and whatever else I’m in the mood for. Sautéd  and seasoned and transferred to waiting wheat bread or crusty bread and then sent to the panini maker topping with hot peppers!
  • fruit filled panini…haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to! I’m going to put my peaches, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and pineapple on homemade cinnamon bread spread with a dollop of apple butter before taking it to the panini maker. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • egg salad panini…the classic deviled egg sandwich except toasted up on the panini maker
  • the classic cheese extravaganza panini…crusty bread loaded down with all your favorite cheeses and mayo and toasted to perfection

and so many many many more. And they never get old since you can change up the sides…soup, chips and dip, potato salad, macaroni salad, garden salads…

Well, now I’m hungry. So I’m gonna eat. Have a beautiful day my friend. Try to meet me back here tomorrow if you can!! Much Peace Love Art 😀

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