Can’t wait to see the train wreck as it unfolds later


Election Day here in the US. We voted early. Sparky was #25 and I was #26. So excited. Can’t wait to see the train wreck as it unfolds later. That sounds negative but really, there wasn’t much to choose from. I’m happy I voted though. I love voting. I don’t know why but I do. And I am looking forward to the results tonight. It is exciting.

I have signed up for an account on in search of a house I can’t afford…yet. I’m manifesting though and now I’ll show the Universe I’m ready to receive [typed with determination].

I would love love love to move to France. Not to live in Paris although I would want to be able to visit it and often. I’d rather live in a small village. A little out of the way place with lots of countryside and a slower pace of life. I would practice yoga in the garden with the picket fence and make my art in the stone house I would call home.

Stone houses are really appealing to me right now. They conjure up images of big fireplaces and weaving looms and gingerbread with hot tea. I like it.

I think I need to get serious about my parlez vous(ing). I think I will sign up for a class. I was once pretty fluent in French but I haven’t used it and I have since lost it. So true is the old adage…use it or loose it.

Just for the record, the Italian countryside would work too. My Italian is a little bit better than my French now. I mean, I can ask for water (smiling at you).

I’ll probably stay here in America though but in a place that looks like it’s from another time and country. Canada would be cool though…

Okay my friend, mon amie, mio amico, I need more coffee…cafè, caffè so I’m gonna bounce. Have a beautiful day! I hope you can meet me back here tomorrow.


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