I want to make soup


I want to make soup. A big pot of soup that simmers all day long over low heat. Homemade and delicious full of tasty goodness like okra, carrots, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, corn. I can’t do it today since by the time I got back from the market it would be too late and soon we’ll be back working on the deck but maybe next week!

I want to make little custards too. I can’t remember the last time I made a custard. I want to make a pear custard and a gingerbread custard. Is there such a thing as gingerbread custard? Ooh how about a sweet potato custard? In individual dishes, cocottes!

I want to sit by a warm fire on a cold day and crochet a scarf of mixed textures and loosing track of time that slips silently from afternoon to evening and time for yoga.

Tonight is the Midnight Release of Sky’s game. This year we wont be standing in line outside at GameStop. We’re going to the mall instead so at least we’ll be indoors and out of the humidity that plagued us last year and looks to be the same this year since on this the 3rd day of NOVEMBER, the temperature is heading for the 80’s. Again. (frowning)

Okay, my friend, today I’m going to the market and yes, I’ll get what I need to make soup along with deli meats for panini(s) for my family and cheeses and dips and lots of fruits and veggies and I need eggs and cashew milk and flour and yeast too. I may need a list.

Have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow for free verse hippie poetry! Much Peace Love Art.

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