This is something I must fix


When I’m not home, when I’m running errands or lately when I’m helping build a deck, I think of a million ideas for art. I’m going to make this or that and the other too. I even make the notes on my index cards that go with me everywhere. Love love love index cards. When I’m in the studio though and I have time to work…I procrastinate or get confused or distracted or start to doubt my vision or start something to abandon it for something else and end up getting nothing done…all…day…long. When evening hits though I find my stride but then it’s time for yoga and then dinner and then it’s eight o’clock and the tv is on and I’m tired from all my hem-hawing around. This is something I must fix.

Anyway…I hope you have a wonderful and clearly decisive day and I hope you can stop back by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art 😀


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