very last October Monday


I love index cards. I once read about a writer who wrote every book on index cards so he could move around the passages to put it just right. Now I always write on index cards. I make notes all the time. Little random thoughts on cards. They go with me everywhere. I even sewed up a little hippie pouch to house my cards and my favorite pen a clear Bic.

My Bic is black but I prefer blue but the Dollar Store didn’t have it in blue so black it is. I just love these pens. They totally take me back to Junior High.

I hope your very last October Monday is really really really wonderfully spooky, it is Halloween after all! Trick-or-Treat and all that.

We bought candy for Trick-or-Treaters even though we never ever ever have any. That’s why we buy the Tootsie Rolls that Sparky loves best, so he can eat them all!

Stay safe my friend and have a good Halloween!! Meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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