Construction Girl…Day 2….


Construction Girl…Day 2….

There are a lot of yoga asanas you can incorporate into construction work. I did a lot…A LOT…a lot, a lot, a lot lot lot of side lunges and forward bends and goddess squats.

Still hate nail guns. They are very…violent.

During our little lunch break Sparky and I chilled under the trees at the edge of the woods. It was a spontaneous little picnic and it was wonderful! I laid back on the ground taking Supta Baddha Konasana (reclined cobbler’s pose) watching the leafs trickle down like little flames of fire.

I think I may be digging this constuction thing a litte bit more. I get to spend all day long outdoors and I get to hug trees!!!

Lunch was so good and all the better since we ate again outdoors. I had on light honey wheat bread a nice dowsing of Sriracha mustard on which I laid down a bed of spinach and toppled hot peppers into the greens and then I swirled Sriracha chili sauce on top of it all. It sat there all day long just marinating and when I peeled back the plastic sandwich wrap the bread was so soft and the sandwich was so freaking good!!!

Something happened to my laundry basket overnight. It was empty yesterday. I did it before we went to work on the deck and this evening it was so full it was running over so it’s in the dryer now. NO LAUNDRY TOMORROW! I hope anyway.

Okay my friend, I hope you’ve had a great weekend and I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow, but for now, I need coffee. I haven’t even had one whole pot yet today!! I did what they said couldn’t be done. Haha. See you tomorrow! I hope.

Much Peace Love Art


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