Last Week’s Highlights…

Last week… a little excerpt….


I guess I have come to the point where I’m okay with the directions I’ve taken, the paths I laid out and followed most of the time without leaving any bread crumbs to help find my way back.Pancakes!72

Molly lunged at the back door with a very serious, very mean growl and ferocious bark scaring me all over again!!DSCN3215

windows are open so early I was granted the magic of a hoot owl just a few minutes ago as my morning yoga practice was ending and let me tell you it was such a beautiful experience. I love love love owls!sketch book page 1-23-16

I finished reading Slice Harvester last night. It was so good. It was like seeing an old friend leave after visiting for month. Good-bye Colin Atrophy Hagendorf. I’ll miss your words my friend.The Reading Nook




on the run

like youth is over before it’s begun.

If I had known then what I know now…

it doesn’t matter anyhow.

What was

has been.

What will be is yet

to be seen.

What matters now

is now…

Lost and found





on by

on the fly

don’t ask why

or when

or for how long.

Sing your song

and dance to the beat


wild hair

down to there

without a care

or worry

or stress

it’s best

to live your life

without strife.

Take care of you

to your own self be True.

This is advice

from me



Artsy Girls Postcards...Tambourine Girl
Tambourine Girl

My daydream Saturday morning would consist of…100_3681.jpg



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