My daydream Saturday morning…


My daydream Saturday morning would consist of waking up in a bed with a wrought iron head and footboard blinking my sleepy eyes open to a view of beautiful mountains and fall foliage. A faint whisper of chimney smoke hanging in the air intermingling with coffee already perking.

I would shower and practice yoga and go out to my little mini farm where I would feed my goats and chickens and put out something for the deer who wander up to eat. I would then have a leisurely breakfast before riding my three wheel bike with a basket and a bell into the village near where I lived.

A really old village probably somewhere on the French or English countryside or maybe Cortona in Italy? A place with history and a shabby chic charm of well loved, well lived simple lives and nice down to earth people that smiled and knew you by name.

My big dog would trot along beside me loving the outing too. We would pass along a stone wall and rolling fields and tall trees with blazing leaves waving proudly in the wind. We would relish in the beauty that Mama Nature was providing.

I would come to the outdoor market where I would purchase from the local farmers veggies for stir fry later for lunch and maybe something soft and indulgent like a scarf or arm warmers or a hat.  I love hats.  The locals, always so friendly, would offer my dog a little treat a pat on the head which he loved.

The dog would lay by my bike with the parcels that would be safe and sound since the village was safe and sound as I  spent time meandering the stacks of used, well loved, books in the used book store that smelled like coffee and history and mystery with wood plank floors and ladders that climbed up the stacks to the books covered in dust where you might find one of the store’s cats napping, hunting for a treasure I didn’t know I needed until I found it. Something with dog eared pages and notes in the margins, something to read later in the day while sitting in the window seat so I could spy the deer who came up to eat what I had put out for them. A warm fire crackling on the hearth where the dog would be napping, I could nestle cozily in with a good book and coffee and a cat and read happily for a while. That’s what I was looking for and that’s what I would find.

I would return home to make lunch…a stir fry with my just purchased veggies, happy, with rosy cheeks from the wind against my face on the chilly bike ride back home. An afternoon of art and coffee and music and reading before me.

Hmmm….life is good.

I think I’ll hold that little daydream with me today. I hope your Saturday is all you dream for and I hope you can stop back by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art! Daydreams!

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